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B2B Debt Collection Laws in Nampa ID

With a size of 34 square miles, Nampa is located in the southwestern region of Idaho and has a resident population of more than 100,000 people as of 2020. This article is meant to show you the historic facts and current commercial debt collection laws of Nampa.

Commercial Debt Collection Laws

In Nampa, the state government has established a number of laws to help in commercial debt collection cases. The legal interest rate for collection cases is 12 percent and the interest rate on judgments is 10.875 percent (plus the base rate amount).

The statute of limitations for accounts in Nampa is:

  • Open Accounts: 4 years
  • Oral Contracts: 4 years
  • Written Contracts: 5 years
  • Domestic Judgments: 5 years (renewable)
  • Foreign Judgments: 5 years (renewable)

For more details on debt collection laws and commercial collection information in the state, visit the Idaho Commercial Debt Laws page.


Nampa History

Nampa’s history is deeply rooted with the development of the American West, when in the 1880s the Oregon Short Line Railroad built a line from Wyoming to Oregon that passed through Nampa. Originally settled by the Northern Shoshone Native American tribe, the area later saw waves of pioneers drawn by promises of fertile land and opportunity during the 19th century. The city’s name is derived from a Shoshone word meaning “footprint” or “moccasin,” reflecting its indigenous roots.

Over the years, there have been several original buildings that have either been sold off or burned down in fires. The first elementary school, Lakeview School, was built in the 1890s, but 100 years later it was condemned as a school and sold to the First Mennonite Church—it is now used by the Idaho Arts Charter School. A Carnegie Library was originally built downtown in 1908 but burned down in 1966, and became the Nampa Public Library in March 2015.

Entertainment in Nampa

Nampa provides a thriving arts and culture scene that promotes its small-town status. The Nampa Civic Center serves as a hub for performing arts, and hosts a diverse array of concerts, plays, and community events throughout the year. In addition, the Nampa Art Walk showcases the talents of local artists that transforms the city’s streets into an open-air gallery.

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