Oct 24, 2023

Commercial Debt Collection Laws in Tracy

Located in the central region of California is Tracy, the second most populated city in San Joaquin County. As of 2020, Tracy had a population of 93,000 residents and covers an area of 26 square miles.

Commercial Debt Collection Laws

In Tracy, there are several commercial debt collection laws that align with the laws of the state of California in general. For instance, both the legal and judgment interest rate is 10 percent. With bad checks, the law states that the check amount is due, including a minimum $100 and a maximum $1,500 per check, depending on treble damages.

The statute of limitations includes:

  • Open Accounts (reduced to writing): 4 years
  • Open Accounts (no writing): 2 years
  • Written Contract: 4 years
  • Domestic Judgment: 10 years (renewable at 10)
  • Foreign Judgment: 10 years


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Tracy’s History

For several years before Tracy’s incorporation into the United States, the area was long populated by the Yokuts ethnic group. The Yokuts was associated with other Native American groups and lived on hunting and gathering in rivers and creeks local to Tracy.

Tracy itself was originally a railroad town, constructed in 10 years during the mid-19th century for the Central Pacific Railroad. The railroad ran rail lines from Sacramento to Stockton and San Francisco.

Once it was incorporated in 1911, Tracy’s proximity to agriculture areas helped the city grow quickly and with prosperity. The city’s growth continued into the 21st century.

Arts, Transportation, Economy

The Tracy City Hall and Jail was first commissioned by the city in 1899, following the original city hall and jail being burned down. Tracy has also been used as a location for a Defense Distribution Depot, where American troops could get resupplied during World War II; the distribution depot had 30 warehouses.

As of 2023, the largest employers in Tracy include:

  1. Amazon: 4,437 employees
  2. Safeway Distribution Center: 2,000
  3. Tracy Unified School District: 1,507
  4. Defense Distribution Depot San Joaquin: 1,375
  5. Deuel Vocational Institute: 1,300
  6. Taylor Farms Pacific: 691
  7. Sutter Tracy Community Hospital: 568
  8. City of Tracy: 550
  9. Fed Ex Ground Package System: 416
  10. Restoration Hardware: 413


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