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May 22, 2018

Downsides to Filing for Bankruptcy

In 2017, we described different kinds of bankruptcies and how they affect your business. Businesses can only file for chapter 7 or chapter 11 bankruptcies, and are generally filed when a business…
Apr 26, 2018

4 Financial Mistakes Business Owners Make

Business owners around the world have to make the hardest decisions every day that affect their companies. It can be difficult to make the best decision for your company, and yet many…
Apr 18, 2018

Dental Debt Collection Best Practices

You’re on your way to work and remember that your new periodontal probes are coming in today. You worked hard to get the best tools for your employees, to reduce pain for…
Feb 20, 2018

Types of Federal Student Loans

Paying for college tuition can be difficult depending on the college you’re interested in or the state the college is located in. The U.S. Department of Education provides a variety of federal…
Feb 9, 2018

What is a Sole-Proprietorship Business?

Have you ever thought about starting a business? Do you know what kind of business form you’d like to have? There are three main types of businesses: sole proprietor, corporation and partnership….
Jan 15, 2018

6 Tips to Avoid Mortgage Debt in 2018

According to, a monthly mortgage payment is primarily based on three factors: 1) the loan amount; 2) the interest rate on your loan; and 3) the term, or the number of…
Dec 30, 2017

How to Shed Debt for 2018

Are you sick of your debt holding you down? This new year is the perfect time for you to take a hold of your debt and to improve your credit score. According…

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