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Jul 30, 2019

Commercial Debt Collection in Philadelphia

The city of Philadelphia is one of the oldest and largest cities in the United States. Their population boasts more than 1,500,000 and the consolidated city-county area covers more than 140 square…
Jul 25, 2019

Commercial Debt Collection in Newark

As the most populated city in New Jersey, Newark brings a lot of things to the state. As of 2018, the city had a population of more than 280,000. To benefit from…
Jun 28, 2019

Commercial Debt Collection in Denver

As the largest city in Colorado, Denver is home for a lot of residents and thriving businesses. Denver is ranked as a beta world city by the Global and World Cities Research…
Jun 26, 2019

Commercial Debt Collection in Rochester

As one of New York’s largest cities, Rochester is home to more than 200,000 residents and makes up a metropolitan area of more than 1 million people. There have been many prominent…
May 30, 2019

Commercial Debt Collection in Portland

With an estimated population of more than 653,000, Portland is the largest and most populous city in Oregon. Having been called the “City of Roses” for more than a century, this city…
May 22, 2019

Commercial Debt Collection in Seattle

Known as the Emerald City, Seattle is a beautiful city with one of the worst debts in the United States. Seattle draws in thousands of people every year and has outpaced almost…
Mar 29, 2019

Commercial Debt Collection in Puerto Rico

In September 2017, Hurricane Maria ripped through Puerto Rico and caused almost $140 billion in damage to the island, which has a general annual budget of less than $9 billion ( Following…
Mar 21, 2019

Commercial Debt Collection in Los Angeles

So far in 2019, we’ve discussed commercial debt collection in a variety of locations around the United States and the world including Connecticut, Illinois, New York, and China. This article explains the…

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