Oct 29, 2018

What Is A Commercial Loan?

A commercial loan is a funding agreement that usually takes place between a financial institution and a business. These types of loans take place for a variety of reasons; in some cases, it is to fund and expanding business and other times it is used to help cover the operating cost that a business cannot afford. In any case, the decision for a business to take out a commercial loan is a big one that should be carefully considered. If that business is unable to pay off the loan and accumulate a debt, then that debt will be turned over to a commercial debt collector to recover.

How do you get a commercial loan?

Securing a commercial loan is much like securing a personal loan. The financial institution will most likely require you to have collateral; in this case, it will most likely be assets held by the business. You will also need to agree on a term length to repay the loan.

How long should you take to pay back the loan?

Commercial loans typically range from five to twenty years. Depending on the type of business you have, you will want to choose a length that makes sense with your business goals. You will also want to consider any differences in interest rates based on term length.

Commercial loans are a normal part of running a business, but like any other debt, it is vital that the loan is repaid on-time or there could be severe consequences for your business. It also should be noted that most commercial loans take 3-8 weeks to be completed. So if you need money before that time period you may need to seek it from a different source.


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