Dec 27, 2021

Commercial Debt Collection in Gillette

Gillette is located on the Northeast section of Wyoming and stands as the state’s “Energy Capital of the Nation.” The state of Wyoming itself provides nearly 35 percent of the nation’s goal and the area in and around Gillette is involved with the development of American coal, oil, and coal-bed methane gas.

Regional Center for Arts

With a resident population of 32,000, Gillette also serves as a major regional center for media, education, health and arts. As a hub for the arts, Gillette offers residents and tourists an Avenues of Art and Sculpture Walk programs for artists to showcase their sculptures.

Infrastructure & Economy

In Gillette, there are a variety of top industries that are part of its thriving infrastructure. For healthcare,  Gillette is home to the Campbell County Memorial Hospital, which has 90 beds for acute care and is one of the area’s largest trauma hospitals.

For military, Gillette is home to a Wyoming National Guard armory, which also shares armories in surrounding cities of Casper and Lander. The Gillette transportation sector includes four popular national highways and three state highways. The Northeast Wyoming Regional Airport currently operates six flights daily in and out of Gillette.

Commercial Debt Laws

Does your Gillette business have outstanding commercial debt? There are a variety of b2b debt collection laws in place for businesses that are either owed money or or owe money itself. The statute of limitations runs between 5–10 years depending on the kind of contract your business has in place. Details on statute of limitations laws include:

  • Open accounts: 8 years
  • Domestic judgments: 5 years
  • Foreign judgments: 5 years
  • Written contracts: 10 years

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For more information on the commercial debt collection laws in place for your Gillette business, visit our Wyoming Debt Collection Laws page.

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